OEM Electrical Vehicle BDU
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OEM Electrical Vehicle BDU

Product Description

Electrical BDU

            1、 Product Material : 

                               Main housing: PBT-GF30 V0 

                               Waterproof plate: PBT-GF30 V0 

                               Main fuse holder: PBT-GF30 V0 

                               BDBS fixing plate:PBT-GF30 V0 

                               Cover:PA66-GF15 V0 Protecting cover:PA66-GF15 V0

            2、 Product main sub-part : 

                               Automotive grade components: 750A fuse, 250A relay, Shunt, 

                               pre-charge resistor, pre-charge relay,  PCB, connection terminal, Automotive grade                                       electronic components, etc.

            3、 Product dimension(mm): 


            4、Product meets standards:

                            GMW3172、ISO 20653 IPXXB、 GMW 15862、 GMW 3059、 GMW 3191

            5、 Product process: 

                               Injection molding 、Reflow soldering 

            6、 Product application: 

                               Battery disconnect unit 

            7、Product packaging: 

                               1 pcs per carton 


                            Temperature rate:-40℃~85℃; Work voltage:144~575V ; Fast charging:                                     400A 20min、300A  40min 

            9、Product feature: 

                               Designed with fluid cooling

 Vehicle BDUOEM BDUElectrical OEM BDUVehicle Electrical BDUVehicle Electrical OEM BDUVehicle OEM BDU


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