PCB Type CE-Box Advantages
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PCB Type CE-Box Advantages

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PCB Type CE-Box Advantages

1. Feasible to use PCB relays and SMDs. 

Feasible to use PCB relays and SMDs to reduce weight and save  space, and then makes it possible to integrate more components /  functions within the same space. Compared to a plug-in relay, a PCB relay counterpart can be 70%  reduced in weight, 50% reduced in projected area, and 70% reduced  in volume approximately, which saves weight & space dramatically  and conforms to the CE-BOX’s miniaturization trend and the vehicle’s  smarter and multi-functionalization trend.

2. Easy to become a platform design. 

As the cavity designs in the plastic housing of plug-in relays with different  capacity can not be unified, a plug-in relay can only be arranged in the  plastic housing of the specified location. However, as the PCB relay do not  directly mate with the plastic housing, different capacity ones can be  placed anywhere reserved by the housings, which makes the housings'reusability greatly improved, and then reduce the part number of housings  and mold investments. 

Moreover, as the top surface of a PCB relay can be facing both the + Z axis  direction and -Z axis direction, it is more flexible to be placed into the box.

3. Capable of future electronics integration 

As the vehicle will be smarter and smarter, more and more logic  functions will be needed, and PCB type CE-BOX is capable of  becoming “smart”.

4. PCB type harness hub/splice can reduce complexity.

PCB type harness hub/splice is simple, concise, reliable and low cost  with regard to investment and manufacturing, compared to harness  type or sheetmetal type counterparts.

5. Simpler cavity and wider tolerance range. 

As mating terminals of fuse/relay/connector are fixed by PCB instead  of the housing and secondary locks, the cavities for the terminals can  be simplified, and tolerance range of the housings can be much wider. 

Moreover, PCB box does not have a busbar with female terminals on  it, which also needs strict control of the tolerance range of the mating  gap. 

The advantage contributes to better reliability and cheaper  housings/busbars.

6. The terminal & fuse & relay insertion process can be fully automatic. 

The advantage contributes to better stability and lower labor cost.

7. Convenient to package, assemble and disassemble the box & harness.

As the harness and PCB type box are packaged and installed into the  vehicles separately, it is easier to do the packaging and assembly jobs. 

Moreover, disassembly job is also quite easier during after-sales  maintenance.  

8. A cheap solution for some system architectures.

Many external in-line connectors are integrated into the box’s lower  housing. 

The corresponding crimped male terminals are changed to cheaper PCB  type terminals 

Better quality and less labor cost during production, installation and repair.


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