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Validation Capability
Environment and Durability testing, Random vibration and thermal cycling, Combined durability testing, Thermal shock, Thermal & Humidity cycling, Thermal cycling, Salt Spray, Dust/Water testing, Hardness testing, Section analysis, Image measurement, Mechanical Testing, Insertion/dis-assembly force, Mechanical shock, Vibration, Test and Calibration, Functional test, Function.
Mold Center
Measurement Capability
Carl Zeiss - CMM CONTURA RDS 7/10/6
Leader Miracle - Miracle NC564
Range of travel : 500×600×400
positioning accuracy : 2.2μm
Dimensions : 1350×1475×2300
Processing Equipment
CNC milling machine:HT-106C
Maximum processing speed : 30m/min
Precision : 0.01mm
Main wheel speed : 8000rpm
Maximum workpiece size : 1000mm*600mm
 CNC engraving and milling machine
Precision : 0.005mm
Maximum processing speed :10m/min
Maximum workpiece size :500mm*600mm
Surface Grinder
Workbench area: 450×150 mm
Maximum left and right movement: 478mm
Maximum front and rear movement: 175mm
Machining accuracy: 0.005mm
Machine body size: 1750mm × 1200mm × 1950mm
High Precision Surface Forming Grinder
Table size: 360×170 mm
Main wheel speed: 3600rpm
Grinding wheel size: 180 × 13 × 31.75
Machine weight: 680KG
Machine body size: 1080mm × 1050mm × 1950mm
Electric pulse machine
HL 325
Machining accuracy: 0.01mm
Maximum processing speed: 690mm/min
Maximum processing current: 75A
Surface roughness: 0.2um
Engineering Team
Mechanical Engineer (55)
Component design
2D/3D (UG, CATIA, AutoCAD, …)
Benchmarking and VAVE
High power product design
Electronics Engineer (18)
Requirement analysis
Schematic design
Hardware design and debug
Software design and debug
EMC optimization
 PCB Layout Engineer (10)
Schematic design
PCB layout
Component selection
Mating connector selection
 Manufacturing Engineer(15)
Molding, stamping and assembly
Insert molding and bending
Process proposal
Equipment release
Automation line development
 Core Engineer(5)
Thermal Analysis
Mechanical FEA
Mold Flow
Prototype sampling
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